Our favorite and most memorable songs. To tell the tale of Owen's parents to him through music. One day he can look back and listen, sing along to, or even laugh at his parents' sometimes poor taste in music.

Your Parents Love Music.

A song each day from Owen's birth (4/16/12) on...

Aaron Sprinkle - Really Something

Aaron Sprinkle is known more for his role in music as a producer than as an artist for most people.  I thought about mentioning a few of the albums he has produced but then realized that we will be giving you many of these albums to listen to for yourself.  He was a part of way too many awesome albums as a producer.  Also though, we will give you his solo album and one or two from his band Fair as they are also fantastic.

One of my favorite songs from him as a solo artist is the upbeat, joyous sounding Really Something.  It has an uplifting feel to it and if ever feeling a bit down on your luck, I will recommend this song to you as a spirit booster.  It is absolutely good for that. !